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Khushboo New Stage Mujra Dance - Ana Naray Na Hoo Dildar

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About Khushboo

Khushboo (b. 13 October 1969 in Lahore, Pakistan) is a Pakistani film and stage actress and dancer. Her first film was Maa bani Dulhan, in 1988.


She started her career in 1988 as supporting heroin after that she acted in lots of movies mostly second heroin. Her most successful movie was Dil kisi ka dost nahi in 1997 in which she played leading role.but after that she did not get much fame and in 2000 she started to act in stage shows.


She is spouse of famous film and tv actor arbaaz khan.

List of main stage performances

Jiddon Luk Nu, Doom, Wey Gujjara Wey, Tera Ishq NachaYea, Puck Gyan Umbian, Eik Wari Te Senay, Juppi Kutkay, Payar Di Gunderi, Tich Butona The Jori, Meri Pholan Wali Kurti, Kuchi Kali Hoon, KayRee KayRee Shea Teri, Tauba Tauba Kara Diti, Bilo Ni Tera Laal Ghagra, Juppi Kutkay, Punjabi Munde Lain Chuske

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